50+ Page Mastering Objections E-Book

These tools will show you how to handle objections, become a better closer and a top producer. Here's what it will help you with: 
  • Provide you with a comprehensive set of objection responses that work in any industry. 
  • ​Learn how to handle customer stalls and close deals down. 
  • Understand why customers object and how their objections aren’t really objections at all, but rather complaints. 
  • Master every price objection you’ll ever hear


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Never Be Caught Off Guard By An Objection Again!
Just Looking? Price is too high? Not Buying today? Need to talk to my spouse? 

Are you sick of getting stuck by these customer 'objections?' 

How many deals do you think you missed last month because you mishandled a basic objection? 

Never get caught off guard by an objection again! 

The Mastering Objections E-Book
provides you with everything you need to become master of objection handling and sky rocket your sales. 

Get Your 50+ Page E-Book On Mastering Objections Emailed Directly To You! 

Inside Grant Cardone's Mastering Objections E-Book

Handling objections is a fundamental that few salespeople ever get close to mastering. Handling objections quickly and confidently is the best way to increase a buyer’s certainty in a transaction and without certainty, there will be no deal. Stop missing deals learn how to master objections today! 

You will learn: 

  • The 8 steps to becoming a master of objection handling!
  • ​The 7 different types of objections & how to handle them!
  • ​The 4 secrets about objections that no other trainer covers!
  • ​The 6 step process to overcoming any objection in any industry!
  • ​The BIGGEST MISTAKE in handling objections & how to avoid it!
  • ​The GOLDEN RULE of objections!
  • ​How to ask the HARD QUESTIONS! 
  • ​Drills & Exercises for different objection scenarios!

Who Is Grant Cardone?

  • Internationally renowned business and sales expert. Named the number-one sales trainer in the world
  • ​Creator of Cardone University, the premier online sales training tool in the world
  • ​A dynamic, highly sought after, international speaker, coach and consultant.
  • ​Real estate investor and founder of Cardone Capital with a $1.8 billion real estate portfolio
  • I​nternational social media influencer with over 10,000,000 followers
  • ​Contributing writer for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider, and more!
  • ​Author of seven sales and business books & 21 best-selling business programs

For over 35 years Grant Cardone has been providing business training and consulting to some of the largest organizations in the world.

Grant is an internationally renowned business and sales expert. Named the #1 sales trainer in the world and one of the top “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch” by Forbes.

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Get Your 50+ Page E-Book On Mastering Objections Emailed Directly To You! 

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